Tsakkali Trading Company Ltd has been a pioneer in the building materials industry for over 20 years.  It has established itself as an important player and a reliable supplier of building materials in Cyprus.  The company has a distribution network covering more than 300 retailers around Cyprus and it is continously improving its processes and products to keep up with the fast moving changes in the industry.


Tsakkali Trading Company Ltd offers a complete line of building solutions that includes manhole covers, manhole steps, gully gratings, cut wire, steel lintels, common nails, waterproofing systems and paints among many others.  It is also involved in the manufacturing of chain link fence and in the trading of other fencing materials. 


The company has been successful due to the great customer service it provides and  its experienced emlpoyees who are the cornerstone of this venture.


Tsakali has been recently certified for ISO 9001:2008.

To offer the best customer service and product quality in our industry by continously improving our operational processes,  by enriching our product range and by constantly adjusting our strategy to the needs of an increasingly competitive market